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Originally Posted by knox gsl View Post
I agree with you on about 95%. Your $48-$55K would be $30-$36K in my area for a good seasoned lead guy. $18-$25K for a good laborer.

You cant set living wage my friend. 30-36 is tooooo low. 36k is an average of 3 grand a month you want the guy to live on, raise his family and be able to get to work in something that starts regularly in the morning?

Now, if you wanted to pay 36K and supply the cell, the truck (to and from work and limited personal use with in REASON) and a uniform allowance? Yea, that would work.

But if you pay lower, you get several things:

1) the guy is always looking for a "better deal"
2) you get those "my car broke down" calls too much
3) he's side jobbin to make ends meet which causes:
A) he's more tired on your jobs, and less productive
B) he's taking away work from you, effectively becoming your competition
C) is yet ANOTHER excuse for him to call in and not show because he's busy on a side job.

The combo of 36K to 50K can work many ways.

In most cases you need that truck anyway. If the guys lives with in a reasonable distance from work (20 minutes) it's no big deal for him to take his truck home, and his rig isnt taking up space in your yard while he's at work, as well as your truck isn't in your yard taking up space.
also you company cell is something that helps out tons.
You can get a company iphone with unlimited everything for $30/mo now (the first 200/mo would cover the first two phones, each additional would be another 30/mo)
You can also check up on your dude with GPS so you can make sure he's not running around with your truck where he hadnt ought to be.

A simple mileage log keeps him honest with your truck.

$300 a season for boots and pants to reimburse the guy, and give him three company polos, and possibly a jacket? Maybe two hats if you are a nice guy.

Yea, then you can pay him $36,000 a year.
In the 9 months that I would be working (taking 3 off) that's 4k per month.
IF there is job attach in your state, then the guy can collect U/I for the 3 months there is no work and come up with an extra 3 grand.

With that deal there is no reason you can't hire a decent guy. Heck I'd work for that. ( I really have no desire to own/run a business)
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