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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
I looked at the web information, and the pictures. The sole does not look very aggressive. How good are they for walking on slopes with green grass, or other slippery conditions? How deep are the indentations? They look shallow, but hard to tell from the pictures.
Something I've figured out is that like tires, it ain't the tread pattern that gives you grip as much as the rubber compound.
Trouble is the longer wearing compounds are more slick.

I've had hiking boots worn slick that had more traction than a pair of "turf" shoes with rubber cleats on the soles.

Like Carslile tires. The TurfSavers have big rubber blocks on them but are slick as snot. While the TurfMasters have practically no tread to speak of and keep traction on a hill in the rain.

It's either going to be long life or wet traction. There's no way to tell by looking at the soles. They just go by reputation. That's why threads like this are helpful.

As a solo operator I figure I can't afford one slip & fall accident. So I get the very best boots, Danner 452's. And replace 'em every year to the tune of $170. Still cheaper than missing one day of work.
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