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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
Perennial ryegrass was planted in a cup planted outdoors, plunged into the soil, on November 17. Temps since then have fallen from about 45 as a daily high to about 35 as a daily high. Seedling sprouts are now about 1/8 inch tall. Grand Rapids is probably warmer than your town, Ax. Snowing hard today.
Specific weather data, and daily temps:
We had our snow last Wednesday/Thursday and finally stopped on Friday,,, did the cleanup and been sick and in the house ever since...
The ground was well frozen, before the snow and there was ice forming under it(periods of rain occurred during the storm), but I expect that,,, in many places the ground is thawing out in that actual snow cover remains around 8" deep...

The grasses that germinated before the ground froze are certainly well protected and moisturized... the seed that was sitting on the surface should not have moved around much, rather a continual connection to soil particles should be building as the moisture melts out of the snow and soaks into the thawing ground...

Our air tempuratures out in the natural world(away from heat islands) have not been above 25 degrees since the snow came...

Will the grass in your cups remain under the snow for the duration or will the snow likely be gone in a couple of weeks???
Did you ever check to see what the roots looked like at 1/8th inch green growth???

I saw your storm on the national map and I'm glad we're on the outside edge of it...
Now that I know that clay's texture(platelets) has nothing to do with water infiltration, percolation, or drainage
,,, I wonder what does...
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