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well there are no negotiations on price ever for anyway or anything.

but if someone calls up and wants an estimate for bi weekly service, i give it to them. if they ask me what height i cut at i inform them and if the want a different height i inform of what the results could be and that i can't be responsible for those results and if they still insist, as long as there paying what i want, i'll go to it.

if you wanna call that letting the client run my business fine, no skin off my nose.

the way i see it, i don't profile my clients. some of you guys do and thats fine. i don't only take on certain clients. i will take on whoever will pay the price i give. from the guys who just want there grass knocked down as short as it can on a regular basis to the one's who want a perfectly manicured lawn.

i think there IS a misunderstanding. you have set in your head you are gonna do things THIS way and no one is going to get you to do them any differently. if they try you tell them no.

i'm not that way. if someone, mainly the client who is the one paying me wants something done that happens to be different than what i normal do, i don't just say no i'm not doing it that way. i work with them and try to honor what they want.

can i put my input once though or will you tell me no? how about you run your business your way and i'll run my business my way, since it seems to be working for both of us.
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