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weighing my options on tank sprayer..

i have a half ton truck, i want to start with a 100 gallon sprayer so i can get out spraying next year, my goal would be once i grew enough i will go with a ride-on sprayer/spreader. but looking at this one from northern tool to get me started.. i could live with the manual reel till i outgrew it then either use it for a nurse tank for a permagreen or mabee convert it to a tree and shrub sprayer if its possible to clean it out good enough to use for that purpose???

i'm really wanting to be able to blanket spray without using a backpack sprayer this comming year, though i don't really have 4k to put into a new spray rig. i really need to be spraying, more concerned with being able to blanket app my weed control than productivity right now, i know i'm not gonna be very productive with that sprayer, just wondering if it would be a good start? i am considering a gas powered backpack sprayer but that just seems like even more of a hassle.. i just haven't seen any sprayers like this in the price range, i am not expecting it to last me years and years though.. i have 2k or so budget for sprayer and i'm looking at trying to get a used 36" belt driven walkbehind for 1k.. so tight budget..
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