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What you want is the tank up close to the bed so you centralize your weight. This also makes it difficult to access the reel and motor for spraying and such is that design.

What I'd like to see is that pump, motor and reel elevated on a platform so you can turn that tank sideways and pull from the passenger side of the truck and have access to the motor for starting. Like a space saver setup.

But it is what it is but you certainly want that tank as close to the top of the bed as you can. Slosh won't be a factor.

2 gallons is ok. You may not be able to get much more than that from that setup. Remember it's a 5gpm pump but 3/8" small hose.

I forget which tip is 2 GPM. I use a 3 and it's green.

2's not blue. It's either white or yellow if I remember correctly.

Not a bad unit for 2 grand but remember you're going to have 300 in shipping and tax maybe so what can JDL/Lesco or your locals do for you for 2500? They have to have a unit for 2500 or 3 grand. No?

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