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Originally Posted by ed2hess View Post
I have not any problem with fertilizing causing more stress as long as you use the one I recommended. The other thing is.....these things need water the more the better.
I agree with the water issue. At our home we have two area's of KO's. One area is a stand alone full sun bed. Just them and a few other accent plants but the KO's are the dominant plant.

I prune them down in the Spring about 18"-20". They are about four years old now and they are spectacular. I think I've fertilized them twice in four years. You couldn't ask for more out of a plant than what these beauties give.

The other area is part sun and shade in a bed with some Manhatten Euonoymus and they look like yours, very weak and frail. In the Spring and Fall they perk up with the rains but the Manhattens suck up too much moisture in the Summer months.

I think the combo of part sun and lack of good moisture is holding our KO's back and what I can see from your picture it might be the same problem.

When ours go dormant we are moving them to an area with full sun and plenty of moisture along with being a few steps from the water hose for easy watering if needed.
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