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Plenty, if not more competition in this field too.

Buying new, IF you need to resell is a really bad concept.

That means you are assuming the depreciation.

If you buy a new mower at say 3 grand, and turn around and try to sell it, you will likely only get 1200-1500 for it.

But if you buy a good piece of used equipment at a decent price, say 2000 for a 36 walk behind, you could probably sell it off a year later for 1300-1500.

The used mower will last you many years (because it's a commercial unit, assuming you find a good one, not dont buy some crap that fell off the back of a pickup) the new one from home depot isn't designed to do what you want with it, it might last you a year or two if you are lucky.

In one case, you lose 1500 on your investment if you try to resell, in the other 500 bucks.

A "new" homeowner model is not a good choice.
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