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a belt keep kit huh?

My experiences with the factory have been awful.

1) they treat you like you have no idea what going on

2) you get the sense they don't want anything to do with you.

3) there is just a general distain for you, like you are bothering them

The dealer however is great, but I get the sense they are new, or don't sell that many, so they don't know everything.

I have three Evolutions (a 52, a 48 and a 36) of them all the 36" is the fastest machine (which doesnt make any sense it has smaller motors, pumps and tires) the one Is3100z we have we call the "Fat Lady on a water bed"
It's slow, rolls around almost uncontrollably and you feel like you are just riding waves all the time.

Anyone have that fat drunk feeling on one of those? Or any issues with weird speed variances in models?
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