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I think you should go with a 200 gal and electric reel. You can put a pulley on the starter rope like I did and that brings the handle up to the lower reel frame--easy to start. Then get a welder to fabricate a bracket so you can turn the reel to the side and pull off the curb side of the truck. If shipping is high--perhaps buying locally would work out better. 150 feet of hose is too short. And if you upgrade to 300 feet of hose--the reel is too small--you then need a new reel.
Remember with a 3/8 hose you lose a lot of pressure due to friction; 2 gal per minute is about the maximum you can expect. Maybe 1.5 with that pump. A green three gal nozzle will not increase the flow. I don't think it would be much good for trees even if cleaned out well. To reach up high you need a fat stream of lots of pressure. Maybe someone on here has a similar set up and can advise you as to the maximum height they can reach. I suspect it would be about the same as from any garden hose.
Sure, it makes a fine nurse tank for a ride-on--but fill up will be a little slow from the hose--about 6 minutes for a 12 gallon tank. ( Extra valve and short fat hose can go faster). Look through Gregson-Clark's website for more information.

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