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Originally Posted by Darryl G View Post
To me the key statement Yardman made is that he doesn't care if his customers respect him. The whole relationship will go smoother if the customer respects you. In my opinion, it is important to gain the customer's respect and establish yourself as the expert so that they will relinquish control of their lawn care to you.
maybe I don't want the responsibility of having complete control of there lawn care. maybe I enjoy the meaningless tasks of cutting the grass and removing leaves.

there's a reason I don't get my fert license and offer lawn apps. I don't the responsibility of keeping there lawn weed free. cutting grass is easy. you do it on a weekly basis and if it doesn't need it one week see you next week (for me anyway).

I guess I shouldn't say I do full service accounts. because when I do I mean full in the sense that I do mowing, mulch, shrub pruning, fall and spring clean ups. that's the extent of my services. 90% of my business is the basic mow, trim, edge, blow and go.

not looking to show the world I'm a lawn expert. just looking to mow some grass and make money to live.
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