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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
maybe I don't want the responsibility of having complete control of there lawn care. maybe I enjoy the meaningless tasks of cutting the grass and removing leaves.

there's a reason I don't get my fert license and offer lawn apps. I don't the responsibility of keeping there lawn weed free. cutting grass is easy. you do it on a weekly basis and if it doesn't need it one week see you next week (for me anyway).

I guess I shouldn't say I do full service accounts. because when I do I mean full in the sense that I do mowing, mulch, shrub pruning, fall and spring clean ups. that's the extent of my services. 90% of my business is the basic mow, trim, edge, blow and go.

not looking to show the world I'm a lawn expert. just looking to mow some grass and make money to live.
So your admitting your just a guy from down the street not a true professional, Nothing wrong there, just so we know who we're talking to. Your in discussions with professional LCO's and Landscapers, you do realize there is a difference?
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