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Originally Posted by Tri-City Outdoors View Post
Frost protection seems to have a small market.
Anyone have a good way to figure how much time is takes to cover the plants. Do you just take a educated guesstimate and invoice according to time or sqft?

With frost protection you are "on call" should the price reflect or should It be viewed as "busy" work for good employees in the slow time of year?

Do you have the H.O. purchase and/or store the frost cloth?

Do you invoice for 1 service (cover & remove) or 2 times for for each service.

Should shutting off irrigation be included as part of the service?

I know what I have been doing but some other opinions would be great. I want to make sure I'm not leaving anything on the table
I'm at all but 2 properties every week year round. Some are multiple times per week. Those I wouldn't charge extra as I'm already there. Obviously is charge for materials. If it was a lot of plants, yes, I'd bill for extra time. But for a couple of plants nah. Now, if you don't visit your properties every week in the winter, yes bill for everything.
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