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thanks. yeah, they claim free shipping to store.. even so.. i think i'd get tired of this setup real quick. when i talked to lesco in the fall they said 3800 for 200gal space saver. i'd rather get something like that.. but gonna keep looking. and backpack spraying this year, mabee by the fall i can figure out something.

how would a 200 gallon skid be in a 1/2 ton? lesco said it was fine if i beefed up supsension.. of course they would say that. i couldn't imagine it.. lol. but i've seen trucks like mine with them, there is a local guy with one in his f-150 that pulls a trailer with mowers too. thinking i may upgrade my supspension so that when i find a skid that won't be an issue. i guess i'm gonna keep back pack spraying weeds. gonna get extra backpacks so i don't need to fill as much. lol.
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