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Originally Posted by MasScape View Post
I completely disagree with people saying no point to a college degree in horticulture. I hold my degree in horticulture, landscape design and contracting. Now with years of experience and my degree, I feel better prepared to tackled any problem I run into and thankful I worked my butt off to put myself through school. There are things experience will not teach you. I am formally train in business management, landscape design, horticulture and spool much more. Also very rare with a top rated education that puts my resume over other with two to three times the experience. I highly encourage my men to pursue certifications, education, and etc. To discourage is stupid in opinion.
I agree with you and am very big on education myself. I have spent about 7 years in college/graduate school.

I think a degree from a place like Devry or Everest is just a waste. They hold almost no weight in the professional world. A 2 year degree from a community college is better than these places. Furthermore, if you are going to spend the money and time on a place like Devry, why not get it from a 'real' school instead?

The problem with the OP is guys that pursue an education do not consider 8-10/hr to use a stick edger all day a great job.
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