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how about this? looking at the v-100 st. i am gonna see how much they will ship one to georgia for. if i can get it for around 4k, i might just hold off on a mower for next year and keep using 21" mowers.. and put more into a skid sprayer (chem app side of things is what i'm more interested in). i'm gonna see what lesco has as well. but i'm just not feeling it with a 200 gallon skid on this 1/2 ton truck. 2 gallons a minute can still get me probally close to 50,000 sq. ft. and mabee i can spray at a lower rate to get more lawns done, i want to continue dry spreading my fert though. so would be using this skid for pre-emergent / post emergent.. possibly with potasium in the mix for first app in spring and last app in fall i guess.
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