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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
If it were only that easy, I would gladly pay 40K a year to a lead man IF the customers were willing to pay the rates it would take to pay out those wages.

I totally agree that liveable wage is determined by life decisions, Even the big companies that can afford to pay those wages won't! If what your saying is true then Wal-mart would be paying 40K+/yr. Salaries aren't determined by "Liveable wage standards"
"The Big guys" ARE paying those wages for leads.

Wal-mart ALSO pays those wages for their 'leads'

The problem you are having is trying to compete with walmarts low end labor and make them YOUR leads.

Shift supervisors, dept managers etc are making between 32-45k a year (depending on store size and volume of sales) with a benefits package that wops anything a small landscape company could dream of digging up.

27k a year is 13.50 an hour at walmart for a year round job for a guy who isn't supervising but isn't chasing shopping carts around the parking lot.

Even Mcdonalds/Taco bell crew leads are pulling 36K year plus bennies. sure you don't start at that pay, But we aren't talking starters here we are talking CREW LEADS.

Everyone how is going to pay 10-14/hr for part time labor is going to be swimming in the same mire of basically useless people who are constantly turning over from one job to another. Walmart/Taco Bell etc usually keep these people for 45-90 days and dump them (by then they know it's not going to work out) they pick them up during rush seasons (like christmas etc) for every 10 people they hire, they might keep one. If that person sticks around a while, they'll grab a 13.50 job like "lord of floor buffing" or "Candy Isle King".
In a setting like Taco bell and McDonalds, in three years, if you can stand it that long you are pulling 36k with bennies and in middle management.
Walmart etc depends, it is all based on need and who is in line ahead of you, Ive seen it happen inside a year, Ive seen it take 5.

But trying to pay 27k with no bennies is not going to get you anyone better than Lord of Floor buffing, which is why you can't find good employees.

I mean by all means, hire Lord of floor buffing, it's working oh so good right now isn't?

Holding your breath, insisting "I won't pay that much" and B&%$ing you can't find good help, isn't going to work either.

All the while the guy who is worth 40+ k is working for your competition or BECOMING your competition. Which drives those prices you think you can't raise, down even further.

"The big guys" don't charge more because they are better or smarter than you, they charge more (and get it) because they are hiring (and paying for) better guys to do the work.
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