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Originally Posted by newguy123 View Post
Okay I started this thread so please allow me to steer this back on the right direction.

So it seems that the consensus would say that clean (maybe not necessarily brand new) equipment and appearance is pretty significant.

My next question: how many would go a step further and say that brand new equipment makes more of a positive impression than 5-10 year old equipment, albeit clean equipment? If much more significant is it?
i think new equipment does not matter as much as it being clean. give it a year of use and it will not be new looking.(when used by crews). i think instead of buying new equipment you give it a good paint job. (clean it well, 1 base coat, and 3 coats of clear automotive paint. or just powder coat it if possible. it will look like new equipment. we do it on our machines every 2 years, and when we buy it(if needed). you can't tell what year a mower is from. i don't care who you are, there is almost no difference. they all look the same from 20 feet except the color(model wise)

the truck could make a difference though. you could tell about what year the truck was made by looking at it. body style. my f250 crew cab, raised, offroad really gets noticed. it is my toy truck. i am the only one that drives it. it pulls a trailer, if i am working. the rest of the trucks we use are older rams 2500 or equivalent on silverado or ford. they were repainted to be the same color, when we got them.

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