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Still working on getting my chassis to be a rolling chassis. Have mounted the wheel motors and some brake parts. While the brake linkage parts have a right and left side, I believe the wheel motors are interchangeable (there is no left or right). If anyone knows for sure I would appreciate a confirmation. The brake linkage parts were just covered with some caked on crud but even the paint was intact so I just cleaned them and the wheel motors up with some degreaser. I am also finding that the nuts an bolts clean up real well in a small ultrasonic cleaner that I usually use for motorcycle carburetors. Just water and simple green in the cleaner do a pretty good job. I've had to additionally clean the threads on a couple of bolts so far with the wire wheel on bench grinder. Also started working on the caster support assembly. Being in the front it was pretty far from the fire so it seems to be in OK shape. I will be needing new brake band assemblies though. The other thing that I am finding to be very useful is the illustrated parts list documents floating around as PDF files. I just look at them on the computer then print the pages for the area of the mower am I working on. They are quite detailed right down to the length of the bolts and really help a lot (I just bring the printouts to the garage).
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