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Originally Posted by TPendagast View Post
well if it keeps working that's good.

But you also don't have a problem then, you found a good guy (at least one)

Every business out there is going to have the low end troops, be it walmart or joes lawn care, and they are all going to dip into the same cesspool for that labor. Nothing can be done about it. there is a reason why those workers are going for 10-14/hr and getting part time work, because they are all in varying degrees of suck.
Easy now, everybody doesn't have the drive or want the stress of a high paying job, it doesn't always mean they suck, it just means it's not for them. Hell I got tired of it! myself. That's why I have no desire to go back to corporate America.The stress level of these 50-60K+ jobs ain't no joke.

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