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One of my goals in this endeavor is to end up with a running mower at a cost less than (exclusive of time spent considerations) what a new one would cost (I figure realistically about $8,000). My expenses so far total $119.22. The itemized list is as follows:
8 cans of primer $54.22
4 bags PLAYSAND 50 lbs $14.60
8 cans of Rustoleum orange paint - $30.96

I am only counting things I have actually had to buy. Some things I am using I already had (some spare parts I happened to have on hand and some pretty generic things - for instance white spray paint for the casters). Any tools that I buy that serve a general purpose will not be counted. Of the above, the in-line desiccant probably deserves some explanation. We found that the water vapor created by the compressor came through the air hose and mixed with the sand during sand blasting. This in turn caused the sand blasting gun to clog up (quite frustrating). Putting the inline dryer (brought from Lowes) did a pretty good job of solving this. I had never needed something like this before on my air compressor but I've also never used it for sand blasting prior to this.
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