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I have been doing hand drawings for over 15 years. I have been also doing hand perspectives on occasion. I wouldn't mind speeding up the process a bit, although it is not too hard to draw small/ medium size plans. Also wanting to have a more compelling presentation where the client can visuallize the project easier. Easy might not be possible for awhile, but I am fairly computer literate, so hopefully I can learn. As long as the program has a fairly good system to automate as much of the workflow as possible.

I think I like the dynascape output on 2-d better than the others, but in 3-D it might not be much better than the cheaper programs.

Topography is another issue. Not sure if any of them input very well or how they work in 3-d & in bidding walls. I suspect vectorworks does ok in this but don't know for sure

Bidding is also an issue. Workflow to outputting an accurate bid would be nice.

Just trying to gather some info...
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