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Originally Posted by JContracting View Post
Started working within the industry the day before I turned 16, so technically 15 (2007). That first summer I had thought about possibly starting a company of my own but was interested in Meteorology at the time, then changed my decision to accounting in my Jr yr of high school (fall 2007) and in 09 I grad'd high school, attended 3 semesters at UND, hated being there but loved working up there (the school's landscaping dept., did all the mowing on the zero turn (about 15 properties throughout campus), shrub trimming, cutting back perennials, other maint related stuff. They loved me and it was a great working atmosphere. I worked there during the first & third sem I was there. I found what I wanted to do within my life, which was start a business of my own, and go to school for horticulture, transferred to where I currently attend (Anoka Tech College) in Jan 2011 for the Spring '11 Semester, I have 1 class left for next semester and I'll graduate. I started my business in Feb 2011 and did it part time while working for a local municipality. In 2012 spring, I formed a partnership business with a sh!thead former friend and we both worked at an underground directional drilling company for a month and then I basically said c ya, and went full time with my business. He and his friends (my former friends) ridicule me non-stop because he's jealous I'm basically living his dream yet he had a disastrous failure of a start-up of his own business shortly after we graduated and resents anyone that tries to start a landscape business. Quite comical to say the least. But anyway, in 2011 I only really did maintenance, I didn't know a whole lot about installs, now that I've taken all the hardscape related classes I have a very good handle on the subject and did a couple patios in 2012 and a good amount of installs but also did maint, bought a plow this fall for my truck that I bought in May 2012 (used my dad's half ton in 2011). I am 21 now as it states in my signature. I'm really looking forward to next year as being a bigtime breakout year. Sales this year were about 500% more than 2011 and I'm shooting for a 6 figure gross for 2013. I'll be working on the advertising plan after the New Year arrives and I have an install, patio, and a large tearout/removal/install w/ irri & sod & landscape beds in the works for spring plus my maintenance clients. Hopefully I'll be able to nail all those and get things going asap after the snow melts. The future looks bright
Nice man!!! Ive been thinking about taking a landscaping class at LSU. Cause like you I. Know nothing about installs but I would like to get into it
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