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I have an EZ Flo main line system, I have had it for 5+ years, I use it for all of my planting beds (sprays) and planting boxes (micro). I had it set up with spray heads on my front lawn, but with the odd shape it is nearly imposible to get an even spray over the lawn and it always ended up getting stripped. I constantly found that I had to clean the strainers at the spray heads every few weeks. What I did was use two zone valves for each zone. Basically there are two seperate manafolds. One is fed from the the injector, the other manifold is fed from the water source. My beeds are 8 zones. After the 8 zones being fed by the injector run through their program, zones 9-16 run briefly with straight water to flush the lines and strainers. So basically zone 1 is fed by valve 1 & 9, zone 2 is fed by valves 2 & 10, etc.... Since I implemented the second manifold I do not see as much of a problem, the strainers last about the same as amount of time between cleanings as the non-injected zones.
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