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That's the actual problem, like I said, a lot of good guys start their own businesses, when they would fit perfectly within another company.

This creates more contractors than solid work leads, which drives the price down. Just because you are good at what you do, doesn't mean you are going to make a good business owner. Many 'good guys' ARE you competition, this is why they are making in the 40k range.

I know MANY (and i mean many) company owners that actually make LESS than 40k, a lot less.They are bogged with massive debt and trying to scramble out, yet they chase another job, and another job, and the bidding war continues, until there is a point no one can make any money.

It's a vicious cycle.

created by your forefathers in the business, carried on by this generation. Labor is not where you cut your costs, but it's the first place everyone starts.
This is that cycle. Which is why the industry can't keep or find good employees, they just clone themselves.
The BIG guys only make it because of massive repetition, they make small percentages a bunch of times. You will only find those big companies present in large population centers. Because they can't survive in the smaller ones.
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