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Originally Posted by joemower View Post
I concur with johnyusa. We have 2 of the new Walker 48" mulch decks on MB's and they are outstanding to say the least. If you need something faster for bigger properties go with the MBS with the 52" rear discharge/mulching deck. We use two of them also with great results. We do have some Toro Grandstands & Exmark walkbehinds with mulch kits on them and they do a nice job but just don't do as well as the Walkers in deeper lush grass. Haven't bagged or side discharged anything in the past 3 seasons now with no complaints after 20 some years of bagging everything. Out of all the machines that I have owned in the past 27 years, the Walker MB 23 EFI with a 48" mulching deck has been my favorite to use.
Thanks to all for the feedback. As with so many things, opinions vary, but I see the actual Walker mulching deck users think highly of their mulching ability.

The MB 23 EFI is what I had in mind when asking this question, though I might go 42" (there is a new mulching version of that also) to access more gates.

In addition to fuel savings, the lighter weight (850 vs 1050 lbs) and shorter footprint (with deck raised) has some appeal, also. I will still have a ZTR around for chop/drop mowing. Most ZTR's I'm looking at are now about 78-80 inches long, which poses some trailer space issues, too. The old Lazer HP was 72" and squeezed on nicely with another ZTR or wb.

Overall, I hear the best things about Exmark, Scag, and Walker when it comes to mulching. I don't see a ton of raves about other brands on that criteria.
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