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Originally Posted by guitarman2420 View Post
What do you disagree with? I agree sq ft is a good way to bid. You just have to make sure you deduct for beds, etc. Where I live it is heavily wooded and fescue has a problem in the shade. As a result some yards that are 1/2 acre have only 100 sq ft of grass; just a strip in front of the house, the rest of the area are flower beds, etc. I can't charge them the same price as the client that has a 1/2 acre grass lot. That's all I'm saying.
I don't have a lot of woods in my area and most lots are fairly similar which is where we differ. Years ago, I actually lived over in Cumberland and so I know Midlothian fairly well and you do have a different set of circumstances than I do.

But (for my somewhat treeless suburbian area) I find it more simple to base my pricing off lot size (including beds & house) and then add on for extras.
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