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My uncle and I (he's 29) exchanged liquor, he wanted Captain & I like Jim Beam.

But I also got a bunch of gift cars for some motocross related stores to buy a new helmet, boots, knee braces, and a set of gear (jersey, pants, & gloves). Gift cards to restaurants, and a few other things. Now that I'm older and control my finances, there isn't too much hype for Christmas but getting together with family is always great, except when your younger brother (18) has a gf he's been with for a year & she joins us for the get-togethers and family members ask why I don't have one.
One thing I look forward to is the fondue dinner at my Grandma's that we do on Christmas day, (where the pic above was taken).

Thought this was pretty funny. My dog laying underneath the Christmas tree at my Grandparent's house. He loves laying underneath evergreen trees for w/e reason. We don't have any at home but when we're up north at our cabin, he lays in the weeds underneath the trees.
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