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I'm an insurance agent and I can do a solo opp, 1 million liability, 10k in equipment coverage, few other things built in for about $600 a year...

for you truck... if you use the truck for more than 50% of the miles put on it are for business use then you need to change to commercial policy... if it is less than 50% use for business then you can keep it personal policy.

When it comes to snow plowing that can be a seperate policy or added on to a contractors policy...

an umbrella policy can be purchased also with equipment scheduled like said above if mower gets stolen it pays out x dollars.

work mans comp on solo I thought it was cheap to get but that was 2 years ago when I looked into that stuff.

this is all in Ohio though... I've wrote quite a few landscape companies over the last year n a half... personally I like going through State Farm or Nationwide will broker it out to a 3rd party for you which is pretty cool... I work for "you're in good hands" lol and we can do contractors policies but we are not well in the ballpark to do it.

I can technically sell health insurance life etc. all lines except variable annuities an what not... I found that Humanna was the cheapest for health insurance... I'm a smoker (trying to quit ha) have a few issues and I believe I pay $130 a month and that includes dental and vision and no it is not a group plan that is my rate entirely. so shop around get some good deals out there just have to look around.

for insurance purposes... truck mower etc. don't go with a rinky dink company or companies like the general or safe auto etc. go with a household name, why? we are probably more expensive etc. but we PAY and we don't stiff you when it is truley a claim situation.

Company I work for if you're not happy with a claim and how it was dealt with... we will REFUND 6 MONTHS of your auto policy premieum in full to you.

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