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We have never thrown a track on a job site, well once, but the track was on its last life and needed to be replaced. We were just trying to get the last out of it ,so we just replaced the track after it came off. Yes you have to at least unbolt the front from the machine, it is a lot easier to just unbolt the whole system as you have to pull the front hub out to get the tensioner to lay all the way down. once that is done, we just fork the undercarriage out of the old track, and fork it into the new track. Tension it back up slide the front hub back on and bolt it back on the machine.

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Ok I just helped a buddy change a set of vts tracks a few days ago. It took us a full day and a half to do it with 3-4 guys. And I did a track change and sprocket change on a New Holland C185 last week in 3 hours with one other guy. So I am not a complete idiot when it comes to changing ctl tracks, but these VTS kicked my butt.

Do you guys always take the entire track set off machine to swap tracks? The factory told us to completely take them off to change tracks. Also do you guys ever slip a track on a jobsite? how do you get it back on? do you take off the track system to remount the track?
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