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Originally Posted by RandalatA1Sprinklers View Post
customers never cease to amaze me. I had a guy this spring that turned his system on in April cuz we had a few nice days. then we had a hard freeze again which froze and split his pvb. he accused me of not winterizing right. when I got there his water was off but the drain ports on his pvb were closed. hmm, I had them open when I winterized it. even told him make sure he shut them when he turned on in spring. oops he forgot to open them back up before I arrived. he denied he turned it on early. told him I would fix it but I would have to charge him. he told me nevermind he would fix it. then this fall he called me to winterize it. told him no thanks, I didnt need his money. he was a jag from day one on his install. then his neighbor let it slip that he did have sprinklers on in april. just confirmed what i already knew.
The best way to avoid situations like these are to use a lockout device on the supply valve.

Finding an easily accessable induction port can be tough. Figuring in a garden valve or test tee is the best advice i can give anyone that installs.

Many times i have few options and will have to install a test loop for pressure induction.
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