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Originally Posted by inzane View Post
how about this? looking at the v-100 st. i am gonna see how much they will ship one to georgia for. if i can get it for around 4k, i might just hold off on a mower for next year and keep using 21" mowers.. and put more into a skid sprayer (chem app side of things is what i'm more interested in). i'm gonna see what lesco has as well. but i'm just not feeling it with a 200 gallon skid on this 1/2 ton truck. 2 gallons a minute can still get me probally close to 50,000 sq. ft. and mabee i can spray at a lower rate to get more lawns done, i want to continue dry spreading my fert though. so would be using this skid for pre-emergent / post emergent.. possibly with potasium in the mix for first app in spring and last app in fall i guess.
Lemee do you a favor if you are looking at new. Try GNCI

They are in Arkansas. Shipping is cheaper and they use piston pumps that are bulletproof.

I swear by these units and the company is good too for parts and such.

Heres a tip. You can get a 200 gallon unit now and only fill it half way.

Unless you're driving all over all day with 200 gallons don't worry about it. As you spray the volume drops and gets lighter.

Plus you're still at around 2000 lbs loaded. That truck can handle that safely in my opinion understanding that some limitations apply while you are fully loaded..

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