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Flyer for New Lawn Care?

Hi, I am a 13 year old teen, who is very hard-working. I have been helping my father cut his lawn from a walk-behind mower since I was about 9. I have a zero-turn Exmark mower, and have been mowing my 1.5 acre lawn for about 4 years on my own now.

Anyway, I am looking to start a mini-lawn care service. I live in a wealthy area, so I was thinking about $30 depending on the size. I was going to hand out flyers to all of the people in my neighborhood. Attached is the flyer I designed.

If you have any comments about the flyer that would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I have removed my last name from the flyer. That is all of the black boxes. My title will be "Smith Lawn Care" Smith is not my real last name.

Everyone in my neighborhood is friendly.
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