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Originally Posted by Skidsteerman View Post
Looking at that thing I would recommend that too, rear visibility?!? what are you looking at? Tree tops and airplanes or the ground a mile away?
I'd gladly trade a little bit of visibility for some of the new features in CAT's D series- speed sensitive ride control, return to dig, automatic work tool positioning (returns work tool to same position every time), eco mode, decelarator pedal, seat mounted joysticks, demand fan, AMICS, electronic torque management, straight line tracking, power turn, hydraulic accumulator (dead engine lower and level), finally has good engine hp and torque, self level both up and down, electronic snubbing on the lift (just like large wheel loaders), etc. I believe that most of these are standard too.

The fact is that with a back-up camera it should have "the best" rear visibility without even having to turn your head.
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