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Originally Posted by Skidsteerman View Post
Most of that stuff will not be Cat exclusive 2013.

"The straight line tracking, power turn, hydraulic accumulator (dead engine lower and level), finally has good engine hp and torque" - a tweaked and modified anti-stall system they've always ran.

If you have to buy a backup camera to see out the back of that unit, then it has very poor rear visibility for the camera to be needed.
I agree, and you know from my previous posts that I'm not exactly a CAT guy, but the fact that they're out with the stuff now means that others are playing catch-up, and some of this stuff has been out for some time already, not just on their D series. By all accounts they are leading the charge in terms of features and benefits without rehashing or rebranding the same stuff.

I've operated the XHP version of the 299D and I thought it was an excellent machine. It's not the best for rear visibility, but it definitely hasn't been a deal breaker considering the amount of D series my buddy is selling.
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