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If you are looking to integrate with survey equipment, you really need to look at Carlson software. It runs on Autocad or Bricscad (cheaper). The drafting skill set is identical to Acad. The integration with survey data collection is built in. It is designed by surveyors so all the things you need to do with calc'ing out lot lines and rotating points are built in .... but you still have to know what you are doing.

There still is not really any good setup for an amature to grab survey equipment and software off of the shelf and get 3d drawings put together to wow people. You need multiple compnents and training and experience with each of them. It really is not close to being ready for a small landscape contractor to survey, design, present, and build without having multiple people to do each. The work flow won't support that kind of staff unless you are very big.

It makes sense to keep it simple and use subcontractors when you need them.
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