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Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post
2013 will be my first year being licensed for Aps. Fert here in Idaho doesnít require a license.

I really donít want clients unless they mow their cool season grass higher, water correctly and are onboard with proper turf management.

Is it possible to dictate to clients YOUR WAY or the highway. If application clients insist on low mowing and poor maintenance practices such as daily over watering at the wrong times of day I really donít want them as clients.

This could be a marketing disaster beyond accounts I already mow for....? I really donít want my application tag on lawns that are scalp mowed and the sprinklers come on 3 times a day plus daily in the afternoon and evening.

Application and customer Education need to happen simultaneously.

IMO, the most important thing a customer can do is follow our instructions whether it is verbal or written.

When that happens, we create an awesome lawn together.
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