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Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
Competition is a good sign as that means there is a market.
Just do not fall into the trap of pricing too low just to gain business. Do a good job, do a great job but do not go cheap. It will take a few years to build a reputation but that is your goal then you can command your price above market.

New yards are pretty easy to pick up in growth areas. Older yards will take more marketing. If you get one or two yards then do a great job so people see your work.

You can target market folks but it cost more . I once did a data base purchase, printed personal letter and hand signed them and hand addressed them with a regular stamp. Did not look like junk main at all and everyone is going to open it. It is a personal letter, they will open and read it. That is how you get into high end markets.
Yea I already made the decision and told my self I will not under bid. I will charge equally to everyone else in my area an provide excellent customer service. My time is worth money an I will not work for free. Yea I guess I just gotta hope to grab 2 or 3 accounts in the beginning an hope they spread the word !
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