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if you are going to be buying online, has a pretty good site. It doesn't have all the glitz and glam most sites have but they have great prices and definitely the best service your going to find from a catalog company. I'm not just parcial because they are in my area, I have purchased from others. But Shelter Tree has the best turn around times and customer service. If you click on the link for any of the ropes it will give you the tensile strength. They carry a wide variety of harnesses, their site only shows the most common models, but they can and will order anything from their manufacturers for you.

I don't know what exactly you are looking for for answers? What are your actual questions? Pretty much everything you need for climbing has to meet ANSI standards. So there isn't a huge difference in quality between manufactures and models of harnesses, ropes, climbers, carabiners, etc. It really all comes down to personal preference. Different ropes will work differently, my personal preference on the ropes varies depending on what I am doing. If I will be doing a lot of work in the tree, for example pruning where I'm walking out on limbs, and using a split tail, then I prefer to use either Newengland Ropes' Hi-Vee or Ultra Ve as they are not too tightly wooven. I find my climbing nots get a better grip with this rope. If I will be doing a lot of foot locking and using a pressik loop, then I'll use Sampson Rope's Blue Streak. It is more tightly woven and has a kind of waxxy feal to it, I find the pressik slides up it a little eassier. I also like this rope when using a descender, as it slides more easily through, making for a smoother descent. It also tends to work better with mechanical ascenders as well. The looser weeve of the Hi-Vee tends to get gaught in descenders and pull alittle bit. All of my split tails and lanyards using mechanical ascenders, I prefer the Hi-Ve, when using a chainsaw in the tree I prefer a wire core lanyard.

Like I said in my other post and above in this one, so much of what you are asking is personal preference. You don't want to see the price of my climbers. I think I have about $650 into them, but they couldn't get anymore comfortable. They are titanium, so they weigh very little, The upper pad is heavily padded velcrow and spreads the force over about 7-8 if my leg. I also have boot plates that go on them for when I'm removing trees all day. Instead of the climber sitting in the arch of your boot, you stand on a plate which spreads your weight over your whole boot, the same as standing.

Any questions feel free to post em or pm me. But I must reiterate how important it is that you have the propper training.
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