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Gabion Wall Pricing

Got a call from a engineer on a gabion wall project. I wanted to see if anyone has experience pricing these and offer advice.

I have to remove a 50ft long, 15ft tall cinderblock wall thats fell into the creek and haul it off, build a 51ft long, 6ft wide pad using compacted 57 gravel, install 51ft of gabion baskets, drive 51 peices of #7 rebar in the first row of baskets (17 baskets, 3 rebar each), tie all baskets together, install geotextile behind the baskets and backfill with 57 gravel.

I estimated 208 tons of gabion rock (4-6 inch), and 200 tons of 57 gravel for the base, and backfill.

After finished with that, cover the top of the baskets with topsoil, grade and grass.

What would you charge laborwise? I have a number in my head but want to see what everyone thinks. I will have 3-4 helpers.
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