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Originally Posted by MOturkey View Post
I went ahead and bought a Gravely 460 today with the Kohler 29 EFI. They had a Kawasaki in stock as well, and although I've had no problems with the Kawasaki engines on my other mowers, I wanted to give the EFI a try. I'm just curious if any of you used this engine this past season and if you checked the fuel consumption rate? Thanks.
I am not saying this will be the best engine you've ever owned (it could be mechanically defective), but I will say there will be the difference of night and day between this fuel injected engine when comparing to any standard carburetor type engine you've owned previously.

Once you own and operate a fuel injected mower, you would hate the thoughts of going back, I did. The last 72" Super Z I bought this fall was only offered with a carburetor engine, so I was forced to take the 35 hp Kawasaki FX1000V. I have a 2006 year model Super Z with a Kohler 28 EFI (new engine, maybe 20 hrs.), and I can walk outside right now with the temperature around 40°, raise the throttle lever on the fuel injected mower, turn the key switch, and it will start instantly. I can then walk over to the new mower, pull the choke fully up, turn the key switch, and it may or may not fire immediately, but once it does I must play with the choke a few seconds to keep it running.

Once it is warm there is no problem, but this is something I've not needed to do in six years. The 28 efi I just replaced never failed to crank and run perfectly throughout its entire life, not once did it ever fail to crank if the engine turned over twice. Most people would still be running the engine I replaced, but I found some weakness in one cylinder, needed to spend some money before the year end, so I had everything replaced. My wife (and myself) liked this mower so much, I had a new engine, new hydraulic pumps and wheel motors, new clutch, new spindles, new wiring, new hoses, new control panel, new seat, new fuse holder and relays installed.

I would not have done this if not for the fact I know how meticulous my mechanic is, look at this picture and pay attention to detail; such as routing of hoses and wires, and how he secured everything extremely well, even to the point of installing new plastic sheathing around the wiring.

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