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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
The new 72" Super Z I bought; of which I had flex forks installed before it was delivered rides a little better than my old Super Z with flex forks and the flex seat base added to the suspension seat. The difference is the wheel base being longer and just enough additional weight to help the flex forks react a little easier.

This is also with the flat-free tires on the bigger machine, which as we both know; tires with low air pressure absorbs a great deal of shock. I honestly thought the flat-free tires would give me a ride problem, but the only thing I've noticed is when it sits overnight there is a flat spot that must be rolled out. These flat spots move out of the tires amazingly fast compared to what I would have thought, meaning it has not been a concern so far.

I've had some argument (from one) that the additional weight should make the ride more rough, and this is not true, the additional weight removes many of the smaller jolts associated with slightly rough terrain. I tried to explain to him there was terrain you could cross on a D-9 Caterpillar and never feel any roughness due to its weight, but if you crossed the same area with a lower weight rubber tire machine it may beat you to death. I don't think he ever believed what I was trying to get across, but that's what makes the world go round, different people, with different opinions.
I had flat free tires on my TT and they were great. I'll tell you one thing though, before the flat free tires, I had my tires on an Exmark filled with foam and they rode terrible-no flats but a drastic trade off. I almost took them back off. The weight thing is like driving a big truck-the more weight, the better the ride.
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