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Originally Posted by johnnybravo8802 View Post
I had flat free tires on my TT and they were great. I'll tell you one thing though, before the flat free tires, I had my tires on an Exmark filled with foam and they rode terrible-no flats but a drastic trade off. I almost took them back off. The weight thing is like driving a big truck-the more weight, the better the ride.
You need to explain the weight thing to "Realslowww," for some reason he has a hard time getting a grip on this.

The tires on my mower are manufactured under the name of OTR, below is what their claim is.

The OTR Semi Pneumatic tire's main design features are:

Improved Semi Pneumatic design. Benefit: heavy duty flat proof tire that performs like a pneumatic tire.

Locked Tire design. Benefit: when mounted on a wheel creates a true one piece wheel assembly.

Smooth tread design. Benefit: stays clean and creates minimal turf disturbance.

Enhanced rubber technology in design. Benefit: reduces shock and lowers vibration during operation.
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