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Originally Posted by willretire@40 View Post
My dealer has one and it is a demo unit. Saw it yesterday but didnt get on it because kids was with me.
You are in a nice area, I have chased stripers from Oregon Inlet, NC to off Virginia Beach in one days fishing.

The person I talked with at your dealership had no idea as to what the 104 may sell for, all he would say is the MSRP is 28k.

I don't feel this mower is a good fit for the industry, and I definitely know it needs more hp than is offered. I have a 72" Super Z that needs all the power the 35 hp Kawasaki has to offer, so I know it can't handle 8.66' of deck sufficiently, and the Kohler is no stronger. Because of the difference in speed, I can take the 72" Super Z and cut very close to the same amount of grass for a great deal less money.

When people actually see the calculations it blows their mind at how much difference speed makes in cutting productivity. One can say you will need to slow down from a 15 mph cutting speed but it is all relative. I have areas that's no problem to cut as fast as my Super Z will run, and I've acutally seen times I was pushing the sticks trying to get more speed. I also have areas I slow down, but these would be the same areas you would pull back on the 104 as well, I'm not sure how well the wings on the 104 can hold up to bouncing on rough terrain.

I think this is more of a highly manicured sports complex type mower, and in that type cutting, the engines offered would suffice. Put this mower into damp or large grass and one will find out very quickly it is extremely weak.

Toro has built wide open area mowers for a very long time (considered tops in the business), and they calculate 5.5 to 6 diesel hp per foot of cut.

8.5' x 11 mph x 5280' x (70% efficiency) ÷ 43,560 = mowing 7.93 ac per hr

6' x 15 mph x 5280' x (70% efficiency) ÷ 43,560 = mowing 7.63 ac per hr
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