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Originally Posted by johnnybravo8802 View Post
I agree 100% on that one. It appears that they D/C'd the range wing and have made an ill attempt to replace it. The thing is, the range wing was an industrial unit with a 38HP Kubota diesel and made to handle day in and day out mowing. The odd thing is that the price point wasn't much different than this 104". This mower is nothing more than a Super Z with wings and a price that's way out of line. It's a beautiful mower but I don't see them selling many...that's my prediction. I also agree with Hustler reinventing the wheel and having too many machines. I will say that they are the most proactive company I've ever seen but they have been all over the map with their product line since I started with them in 98'.
The 104 will never be a big seller, and I look for them to pull it from their lineup rather quickly, either that or make significant changes, with engines being the most needed change. There will be a few sold to people that want to spend money, and look to others as if having the biggest and baddest Super Z made. Then there will be a few buying them to try on large open area cutting such as a sports complex. I can promise if anyone attempts to cut damp or slightly (not greatly) overgrown grass, they will find out immediately the 104 is extremely weak.
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