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**edited version of the above post**

This issue of the number applications either fast or slow could get murky for the client to understand. I think I have a way of making making it less baffling for the client.

Last year I was going to push edging only accounts either weekly or bi-weekly here in land of scalped, tapered to zero with a sliver of turf hanging on for dear life hanging over the edge of sidewalk or driveway....with a touch of surface moss. Very few can edge here to save their lives and itís one of my pet peeves along with scalp mowing with a dull blade.

I'm known for my vertical crisp edges in the area so why not sell an application plus edging package. I'd be on the property weekly or bi weekly for edging anyhow and I can make adjustments to fert input as I see fit and also keep up on spot spraying. The trick is to time spot spraying 2 days before client mows. Was also going to offer mower blade sharpening so all the client has to do is mow.

I honestly don't want my company application tag on a lawn with horrid edges anyhow.
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