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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
You are correct, I went through an extensive IRS audit this year, the kind so extreme they come and physically look at everything you own, make you prove every penny spent, and then show why it was spent. This is a tremendous amount of work to provide all documentation required by these people, I keep very good books, and was required to go outside what you would believe necessary to satisfy their wants. I bought a piece of equipment late in the fall of 2011, and I had to jump through several hoops for the IRS before they allowed the in-service deduction.

This is the second audit I've been through in my life, and by far the toughest. I would not wish an audit of this magnitude on my worst enemy.
I should have used this instead of this

I have not been through a physical audit before but several paper distant audits. I have a buddy that has at his place of business. He keeps meticulous records. I suppose I could buy a few more file cabinets and add another room of my house to the home office deduction just for storage.
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