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Originally Posted by ponyboy View Post
We are working on our biggest job this year of $250,000 and have 3 more signed contracts
I automatically add $100 a day per truck for fuel and I know my expenses per crew and what profit I need to make per day
You can make money at a lower price but you want to run a company or buy your self a job you need to make enough money for days when you don't have work also
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^^^^ This ^^^^

I do not price my trucks based on $100 a day for gas but I do have an hourly cost for all the expenses and it is not much different.

Do not install weed block from HD either as it is garbage compared to a nice heavy # 5 fabric. I do not use fabric under mulch. I use it under rock but not mulch. Just use more mulch to block the weeds.

$25.00 an hour is a loser game and you will not make it.
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