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What I was thinking was making a contract like this: I will do the following services for you. Take care of your mowing needs from March to Nov. (mowing 4 times a month in the wet season 2-3 in the dry) I will mulch your yard twice. I will aerate and over seed twice (April and Sept) and take care of your bushes when they need to be done. You will pay me $200 a month to do this. By signing the contract you will receive a %5 discount and priority over non-contracted clients. This contract is in affect for the entire 2013 mowing season. Something like that. I understand the buying and selling process. I cannot "sell" a client. But I can work with the buyer to make sure he gets the most of my business. As for goals, I did this so I didn't have to work fast food like my friends. Now, its great income and I might be able to pay for college by selling after highschool. Feedback would be great.
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