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Originally Posted by rcreech View Post
If a person takes a full program
Mows their lawn correctly
Waters correctly or don't water at all (because its better not to water then water wrong)
Overseed in thin areas
Treat shades areas differnt then full sun areas

Then other then weather their lawn will be perfect (if weather cooperates)

Lawncare with cool season grasses is very simple IMO. Weed control and fertilization throughout the season is very important but water is the most crucial piece of the puzzle...period!!!!
I think your last statement says it all water, not knowing your areas I can not compare but bottom line moisture wise we honestly have not had a decent steady amount since 2009. I tell my customers this and they look at me like, what. I think since 2009 it's either fest or famine too much, not enough, too much one month nothing the next just saying been weird last couple of years. I would take another 2009 anytime at least around here.
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